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Alessio Miraglia



Born in 1990, Alessio Miraglia was born in Salerno, a few steps from the Amalfi coast, a land which had an important role in his culinary training. Enthusiastic and determined, he became passionate about cooking from an early age, thanks also to his grandmother Maria Teresa – his mother’s mother – with whom Alessio and his brothers spent most of his childhood.
Right at the home of his maternal grandparents, he began to experiment and learn the rudiments of cooking. The grandmother instilled all her knowledge to him until Alessio found his way. The inspiration, which accompanies her in everyday life, she also experiences in the kitchen, especially in the preparation of pizza. Over the years he has studied and perfected his techniques, also supporting some master pizza makers from Campania. His dishes smell of home and novelty. His specialty? Obviously the margerita pizza, but with a special ingredient!

Troy Summerall



Born in 1972 in Tampa FL and brought up in a modest house hold, he grew up wanting to be a firefighter. At the age of 24, his dreams came true, he could help people for a career. At 29, he met his beautiful wife Barbara and found new joy in his life with his family with Barbara and all if his children which inlcudes Tatiana, Chantal, Mary, Gennaro and Christian. Being from Naples Italy, Barbara introduced Troy to authentic Italian food and he became fascinated with making fresh mozzarella cheese from scratch as well as making Italian pizza. Buying fresh milk from the farm and after a year of trying and failing, he finally mastered making fresh mozzarella “fior de latte!” After finally breaking through that wall, he then began making homemade pizza. He later built a wood fire oven for his house and would make pizza for family and friends once to twice a week. After almost 20 years of making pizza as a hobby and dreaming of one day opening a pizzeria, he finally decided to follow his dreams. He close an old chapter is life retiring from the fire service after 25 years and opened a new chapter to share his authentic Italian Pizza with all of you! 

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